Our Guests

Episode 1: Flipgrid fever

Joey Taralson, Head of Engagement at Flipgrid

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 Episode 3: commonLit Craze, Part 2

Anna Hodges, Content Development Director for CommonLit

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 Episode 4: Maker Mndset

Dan Ryder, Co-Author of Intention

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Episode 7: Revving Up Writing

Angela Stockman, Author of Make Writing, Hacking School Culture,
and Hacking the Writing Workshop

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Episode 8: Pirate pedagogy

Dave Burgess, Author of Teach Like a Pirate and Founder of
Dave Burgess Consulting

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Episode 9: Wrestling writing

Constance Hale, Author of Sin and Syntax,
Vex, Hex, Smash, Smooch, and Wired Style

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Episode 10: Creative Cruise–Student Takeover

John Spencer, Co-Author of Launch and Empower and
author of Making Learning Flow

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Josh Whaley and Nathan Robbins, Students

Theresa Shadrix, Educator, IDEO Teachers Guild Fellow

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Episode 11: PD Party

Rich Czyz, Author of Four O’Clock Faculty

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Lauren Phifer, Educator

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Mark Fuller, Educator

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Episode 12: Tech Talk

Kasey Bell, Author of Shake Up Learning, ShakeUpLearning.com,
and Co-Host of the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast

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Episode 13: coming soon!

Joy Kirr, Author of Shift This

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Evan Somers and Sophie Gillilan, Students (and our children)